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Barely There Chain Series

While it seems like everyone is wearing statement pieces these days, there is something so right about minimal gold chain that we cannot quit. It’s the delicate piece you wear day in and day out – you shower with it, swim with it, and wear it under all of your clothes. You give it as little thought as possible because it’s basically a part of your body.

We know that it’s difficult to find one that has your desired thinness and length. Thus, we created the perfect base for you!

You won’t even feel that it’s there. Light as air ‘cos it’s BARELY THERE!

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Bubble Barely There Bracelet 4,500.005,100.00
Bubble Barely There Necklace 5,900.006,700.00
Classic Thread Barely There Bracelet 4,900.005,500.00
Classic Thread Barely There Necklace 7,000.007,900.00
Cube Barely There Bracelet 4,500.005,500.00
Cube Barely There Necklace 8,000.0011,000.00
Double Strand Classic Thread Barely There Bracelet 5,900.006,500.00
Double Strand Float Barely There Bracelet 5,900.006,500.00
Float Barely There Bracelet 3,900.004,500.00
Float Barely There Necklace 5,300.006,300.00
Silk Barely There Anklet 4,800.005,000.00
Silk Barely There Bracelet 4,000.004,600.00
Silk Barely There Necklace 5,800.007,300.00