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Float Barely There Bracelet


Like glittering light that forms from the ripples of the water… You won’t even feel that it’s there. Floats on your skin ‘cos it’s barely there!

Barely There Bracelet – This 14-karat yellow gold Barely There link bracelet is a classic minimal chain for the perfect understated look.


Know my size

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14kt Yellow Gold14kt Yellow Gold14kt Yellow Gold

✧* 14kt Solid Gold

All Suki pieces are meticulously handcrafted with 14-karat solid gold, unless stated otherwise. Being the least reactive precious metal, solid gold does not oxidize nor discolor. So you can wear them as your sparkling second skin — without having to worry about it fading, tarnishing or deteriorating in quality. You deserve pieces of jewelry that will last a lifetime and can be kept for generations to come. We also make 18-karat jewelry upon request.