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We are a new generation of fine jewelry! SUKI (pronounced as soo-key) is a Manila-based contemporary fine jewelry brand that aims to put forth a way of life that celebrates individuality and possibility. The core of our inspiration comes from the drive to create a perfect balance between simple and bold, ordinary and odd, straightforward and luxury, and to push the limits where differences exist.

At Suki, we believe that fine and premium quality jewelry can both be aspirational and attainable. Real-life people with real-life stories appreciate a new kind of luxury — luxury that’s a mix of high and low, effortless and opulent, new and old, dressed-up and pared-down.

As one of the first fine jewelry brands to speak directly to a younger market in the country, we believe in creating digital and direct-to-consumer experience far different from the traditional jewelry shops. We strive to create up-to-date designs and evolve our brand to adapt to the ever changing trends so you can live with our pieces, both online and offline. We sell directly to you by cutting off the traditional markups of the industry. Purchasing a piece of fine jewelry is an investment, thus, instead of just owning one, we want you to create authentic, unique and memorable experiences with each and every Suki piece — pieces that you’ve always dreamed of, and suddenly could not live without.


Founded by a husband and wife duo, Suki was created to give real-life people the pieces of fine jewelry they have always wanted. Being the third generation of jewelers, whose business has been around for over four decades, allowed us to gain considerable experience, knowledge, and expertise in the field of fine jewelry manufacturing – from sourcing raw materials, to design conceptualisation, to purchasing and production. That’s where our passion for jewelry started. But more than anything, we are also consumers; consumers whose love for jewelry often conflicts with our frustration from the traditional mark-ups of the industry. Thus, we created a brand that aims to speak to you. Yes, YOU!

With our passion for high quality, all things beautiful and a keen eye for detail, we are committed in constantly creating a diverse range of products that are available to a wide audience and wearable through the changing of trends and seasons. We are detailed and thoughtful in our manufacturing to ensure our pieces are not only accessible, but can withstand the test of time and can be kept for generations to come.