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Suki Chain Anklet


Give your anklet a subtle sparkle as you move! Available in 14kt yellow, white and rose gold

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14K Rose Gold14K Rose Gold14K Rose Gold14K White Gold14K White Gold14K White Gold
8.5″ S8.5″ S9″ S/M9″ S/M9.5″ M/L9.5″ M/L10″ L10″ L
  • Dainty chain

✧* 14kt Solid Gold

All Suki pieces are meticulously handcrafted with 14-karat solid gold, unless stated otherwise. Being the least reactive precious metal, solid gold does not oxidize nor discolor. So you can wear them as your sparkling second skin — without having to worry about it fading, tarnishing or deteriorating in quality. You deserve pieces of jewelry that will last a lifetime and can be kept for generations to come.