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Tiny Huggie Series

Small details, big impact. The best everyday earrings aren't the center point of an outfit, but are the ones that help tie an entire look together. Wear these tiny huggies alone, stacked, or mix and match different styles, colors and sizes. They are perfect for lobe piercings, but can also be worn on cartilage piercings such as the helix, tragus and conch. Wear anywhere, wear forever — The Suki Tiny Huggies.

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Tiny Bubble Huggie 3,300.004,100.00
Tiny Diamond Oyster Huggie 7,800.00
Tiny Double Wire Seamless Huggie 3,500.004,500.00
Tiny Eternity Diamond Huggie 6,500.0012,150.00
Tiny Floret Diamond Huggie 13,000.0014,000.00
Tiny Frolic Huggie 17,000.0018,000.00
Tiny Marquise Frosted Huggie 19,000.00
Tiny Orb Diamond Huggie 19,000.0020,000.00
Tiny Pear Frosted Huggie 19,000.00
Tiny Rectangle Frosted Huggie 19,000.00
Tiny Round Diamond Huggie 12,500.0013,500.00
Tiny Round Frosted Huggie 19,000.00
Tiny Square Diamond Huggie 12,500.0013,500.00
Tiny Triple Wire Seamless Huggie 4,500.005,500.00
Tiny Twist Huggie 2,800.003,300.00
Tiny Wire Huggie 2,800.003,800.00