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Suki Black

Men’s style is moving at lightning speed and that can be very exciting or for most men, very intimidating. Just as there are more options to try, there are more questions to answer. However, it’s not just a question of what to wear but also a question of how we want to present ourselves to the world. Clearly, the clothes we wear speak about us and how we’d like to come across and so does the accessories we choose. More and more men are escaping the bounds of cufflinks and watches to dabble in rings, bracelets, necklaces and other previously-thought ‘taboo’ things.

Suki introduces a modern take to classic men’s jewelry, inspired by minimalism, functionalism and streamlined silhouettes, resulting in a sophisticated interplay of geometry. With the mission to create and innovate the most essential of essentials, Suki Black pushes the boundaries of traditional men’s jewelry while remaining inherently wearable. Whether you are a classicist or the one who likes to be on the edge and put a spin on things, this line aims to transcend the fickleness of season, to get you through most occasions or locations. Honest in design. Minimal in details. Straightforward luxury.

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Cigar Band Ring 54,000.0058,000.00
Classic Cross Pendant 23,000.00
Cushion Signet Ring with Black Onyx 46,500.0051,500.00
Disc Pendant 21,000.00
Line Chain 14,500.0019,500.00
Medium Oval Signet Ring 28,000.0032,000.00
Open Cuff Ring 33,500.0037,500.00
Quad Pendant 23,500.00
Ridged Ring 54,000.0059,000.00
Tapered Cross Pendant 23,000.00
Wire Ring 25,000.0029,000.00