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Discovering grace during the toughest moments may seem impossible at times, but we always tend to go back to the mundane and the familiar – because there’s just something comforting about it. Curated with dainty yet fun pieces, this collection was created to bring out that natural zest for life that we hold dearly in our hearts, and that innocence we all once had as kids.

Special pendants. Special feelings. They will not only give you warmth, but also solace, which we all need especially right now.

These pieces aim to represent meaningful gestures that can hold a deeper symbolic interpretation of the natural world that surrounds us. Introducing the SOLACE COLLECTION: here to comfort you, and to ground you.

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Bloom Pendant 9,300.00
Capsule Pendant 14,000.00
Oval Tag Pendant 5,600.00
Pebble Pendant 8,500.00
Prism Pendant 13,000.00
Round Link Pendant 8,300.00
Two Halves Pendant 10,900.00