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PIERCED. A collection, handcrafted by Filipino artisans, that focuses on the ear. Think of your ears as blank canvas, a work of art waiting to be created and to capture the human imagination. The possibilities are limitless if you play it by ear.

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Bamboo Baguette Hoops 35,000.00
Bamboo Baguette Studs 38,000.00
Bubble Ear Slider 13,900.00
Circular Halo Marquise Studs 54,000.00
Claw Pearl Studs 13,100.00
Duo Baguette Studs 43,000.00
Duo Marquise Studs 43,000.00
Elliptical Diamond Huggies 31,100.00
Elliptical Huggies 18,000.00
Hexagonal Diamond Huggies 22,500.00
Hexagonal Huggies 15,000.00
Orbital Stud 5,800.00
Pearl Caviar Huggies 26,000.00
Pearl Ear Cuff 12,800.00
Puff Diamond Huggies 27,000.0047,000.00
Rook Barbell Diamond Bezel 15,500.00
Rook Barbell Diamond Bezel and Pearl 18,000.00
Rook Barbell Diamond Prong 15,500.00
Rook Barbell Pearl 13,300.00
Round Diamond Prong Studs 15,800.0038,990.00
Sparkle Studs 11,300.00
Starry Studs 13,900.00
Threaded Stud Diamond Bezel 10,000.0011,500.00
Threaded Stud Diamond Prong 10,000.0011,500.00
Tiny Bubble Huggie 3,300.004,100.00
Tiny Twist Huggie 2,800.003,300.00
Triangular Halo Baguette Studs 54,000.00
Wiggle Diamond Hoops 45,000.00