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RETREAT. REVEL. REMEMBER. Nostalgia is a place where two worlds come together. In this collection, we explore the marriage of dichotomies – past and present, simplified and intricate, delicate and bold. Created with the pursuit of merging these two opposing worlds, we use graceful lines and fascinating shapes with distinct details to create timeless, versatile pieces which intrigue and evoke a connection. Each piece is symbolic and oftentimes, sentimental. The designs are dripping in historical drama and mystery.

Find charms that can be collected as wearable memories, hoops in varying sizes and thickness, signets that can be stacked or worn solo, and chain necklaces in several variations.

After all, nostalgic reverie is not just an attempt to revisit the past, wallow in rose-tinted memory, or search for solace in fantasy. It allows us to use the past so we become energized to overcome adversity, positively leap forward, and forge ahead.

A trip down memory lane with Nostalgia: Ode to the old 

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Aki Starburst Pendant 17,500.00
Alphabet Puff Pendant 14,980.00
Amal Petite Wishbone Pendant 9,800.00
Amal Wishbone Pendant 14,400.00
Ari Pearl Signet Ring 16,000.0019,000.00
Cami Flat Arch Huggies 28,000.00
Demi Lune Earrings 43,800.00
Demi Lune Petite Earrings 27,900.00
Dua Asymmetric Anklet 5,400.006,400.00
Dua Asymmetric Bracelet 5,000.006,000.00
Dua Asymmetric Necklace 8,500.009,500.00
George Celestial Oval Signet Ring 22,000.0026,000.00
George Oval Signet Ring 16,000.0020,000.00
George Starburst Oval Signet Ring 20,000.0024,000.00
Kai Lock Pendant 18,000.00
Keira Celestial Square Signet Ring 22,000.0026,000.00
Keira Square Signet Ring 16,000.0020,000.00
Keira Starburst Square Signet Ring 20,000.0024,000.00
Nathania Diamond Hoops 49,990.00
Octavia Signet Ring 21,000.0024,000.00
Paulina Mini Oval Signet Ring 17,000.0020,000.00
Pippa Anklet 7,300.007,800.00
Pippa Bracelet 8,500.009,500.00
Pippa Necklace 12,500.0014,500.00
Poppy Seed Pearl Bracelet 9,800.0010,800.00
Poppy Seed Pearl Necklace 13,000.0015,000.00
Rima Token Pendant 18,900.00
Rima Token Starburst Pendant 23,800.00