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A nod to surrealism, this collection celebrates the space between reality and the otherworldly. Curated to evoke wonder and challenge the limits of human imagination, just like surrealist art, La Bomba takes on a playful subversion to the classic silhouettes. Bold and imaginative, these unorthodox pieces embody the true beauty of uniqueness and experimental. Created with unconventional shapes to bring out the essence of the ordinary to something whimsical — each design tells a story and draws inspiration from women and culture, making it a great conversation starter and adornment to add flair in elevating your everyday style. 

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Bean Studs 53,000.00
Canoe Drop Earrings 25,600.00
Petal Earrings Monochrome 33,000.00
Sensu Earrings 42,800.00
Shiva Maxi Hoops Monochrome 111,000.00
Shiva Mini Hoops Monochrome 66,800.00
Soluna Maxi Hoops Monochrome 103,000.00
Soluna Maxi Hoops Two-Tone 103,000.00
Soluna Mini Hoops Monochrome 50,000.00
Soluna Mini Hoops Two-Tone 50,000.00
Talon Earrings 58,000.00