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Itsy Bitsy

Designed to infuse fun, this fresh and finely tuned delicate collection speaks directly to your heart. Use your creative imagination and fantasies to recreate your own playground! Playfully mix pieces from earrings in modern and simple silhouettes that are begging to be layered, to necklaces that deserve to be worn all on their own, to whimsical rings that are meant to be stacked, there’s an array of choices to suit every taste. Eye-catching without being flashy, durable without being heavy, dainty but enough of a statement, each design is created for maximum versatility.

For anyone who appreciates simplicity but prefers luxury and longevity, introducing: ITSY BITSY COLLECTION, playful bits of sparkle.

We have 31 items in this category

Baguette Diamond Necklace 16,800.0017,800.00
Baguette Diamond Studs 25,000.00
Barre Studs 10,300.00
Belt Ring 16,580.0026,700.00
Bubble Ring 7,500.0010,500.00
Button Studs 9,900.00
Cluster Studs 9,900.00
Cross Studs 9,900.00
Diamond Crown Ring 15,300.0018,300.00
Diamond Triad Comet Ring 10,800.0017,800.00
Diamond Triad Necklace 16,280.0017,280.00
Diamond Triad Studs 16,900.00
Lunar Ring 18,200.0022,200.00
Marquise Diamond Bezel Necklace 15,600.0016,600.00
Marquise Diamond Bezel Studs 15,800.00
Open Bead Ring 8,300.0013,300.00
Princess Diamond Bezel Necklace 15,600.0016,600.00
Princess Diamond Bezel Ring 14,500.0017,500.00
Princess Diamond Bezel Studs 19,500.00
Punch Hole Studs 9,900.00
Pyramid Studs 10,300.00
Round Diamond Bezel Necklace 14,800.0015,800.00
Round Diamond Bezel Ring 14,500.0017,500.00
Round Diamond Bezel Studs 19,500.00
Seesaw Diamond Studs 13,500.00
Sierra Ring 7,300.0013,300.00
Tangled Ring 7,500.0012,500.00
Thumbtack Diamond Studs 18,800.00