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In the tug-of-war between dark and light, classic and contemporary, old traditions and new changing times, the theme Belle of the Shadows is born — shining through the shadows despite challenging circumstances. Emit a beautiful amount of light, love, and optimism through our HEARTS CAPSULE as we breathe a new life to the quintessential heart-shaped jewelry. Heart, being a special symbol full of personal significance, is a perfect little luxury treat to yourself or your loved ones as we celebrate this special time of the year. ♡

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Amie Heart Bracelet 8,000.008,800.00
Amie Heart Necklace 10,500.00
Cheri Starburst Heart Bracelet 10,000.0010,800.00
Cheri Starburst Heart Necklace 14,000.00
Cosette Heart Ring 6,000.008,000.00
Cosette Teeny Tiny Heart Studs 4,500.00
Jolie Open Heart Necklace 12,000.0013,000.00
Zuri Diamond Open Heart Necklace 20,000.0021,000.00