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An ode to the beach trips we've gone on, where we washed away the worries of everyday life, lazed on sandy shores, and napped with the lullaby of waves crashing — say hello to the Frolic Collection. With simple lines and rounded contours, each piece was designed to mimic the peace and tranquility that one can only feel when relaxing by the beach.

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Agyness Chain Drop Earring Lock 7,300.00
Alessa Duo Huggies 24,800.00
Amina Diamond Bracelet 14,500.0015,500.00
Amina Diamond Necklace 18,500.0019,500.00
Amina Diamond Studs 21,800.00
Anise Diamond Earrings 19,500.00
Anjulie Diamond Suspender Studs 17,800.00
Anouk Diamond-Pearl Earrings 14,800.00
Atalia Open Lariat Necklace 30,000.0032,000.00
Charina Claw Earrings 17,500.00
Chiara Diamond Pendant 23,500.00
Chiara Diamond Studs 43,800.00
Chloe Puff Ring – Full Eternity 89,700.0099,700.00
Chloe Puff Ring – Half Eternity 62,600.0072,600.00
Cicely Ring 25,800.0028,800.00
Claudia Trio Wave Rings 60,000.0066,000.00
Franca Twirl Huggies 26,000.00
Franca Twirl Open Creole 21,400.00
Franca Twirl Studs 16,500.00
Isadora Diamond Arc Earrings 20,500.00
Isadora Pearl Arc Earrings 17,000.00
Izabel Ear Studs 18,900.00
Jasmine Marquise Drop Ring 39,900.0045,900.00
Lai Trio PavÉ Necklace 26,500.0027,500.00
Leila Curved PavÉ Bracelet 11,000.0013,000.00
Leila Curved PavÉ Ring 13,500.0016,500.00
Lily Line Pavé Bracelet 12,000.0013,000.00
Lily Line PavÉ Ring 13,800.0016,800.00