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Friday Night

There is a sense of anticipation and thrill that makes the end of the week exciting. And to celebrate the golden child of the weekdays, you don’t have to be searching for ways to accessorise every look in mind.

This collection is all about the power of chain and the level of boldness and statement it emanates. Created for all persuasions of personal styles, you will find chains in timeless patterns, edgy iterations, and juicy gold pieces with diamond accents that are perfect for complementing and contrasting looks. Inspired by the easy vibe of the start of the weekend, the pieces of fine jewelry from this collection are highly wearable, extra versatile, and definitely for keeps.

FRIDAY NIGHT COLLECTION — because whatever your recipe of bliss is, everybody needs a little disco vibe!

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Bold Round Diamond Link Ring 25,000.0028,000.00
Bold Round Link Ring 17,000.0020,000.00
Bold Square Diamond Link Ring 25,000.0028,000.00
Bold Square Link Ring 17,000.0020,000.00
Chain Reaction Ring 4,500.006,000.00
Connector Chain 2,100.00
Flat Disco Chain Ring 25,700.00
Flat Disco Necklace 30,800.0031,800.00
Flat Disco Studs 44,800.00
Frida Anklet 11,500.00
Frida Bracelet 10,800.00
Frida Necklace 14,500.00
Link Ear Cuff 7,800.00
Long Stitch Hangers 8,500.00
Petite Round Link Ring 13,000.0016,000.00
Short Stitch Hangers 7,300.00
Skinny Diamond Ear Cuff 10,800.00
Skinny Ear Cuff 8,900.00