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Our Essentials Collection not only embraces simple and straightforward luxury, but also the constantly evolving elements of day to day life. Sophisticated and chic, these contemporary neoclassic pieces are meant to be your core jewelry box staples, your go-to, wear-on-repeat pieces.

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Addison Ear Huggies 38,000.00
Addison Ring 28,000.0032,000.00
Bardot Diamond Hoops 38,900.00
Bardot Vertical Diamond Hoops 25,000.00
Binary Code Necklace
Block Letter Bracelet 9,800.0017,800.00
Block Letter Necklace 11,500.0031,500.00
Bloom Earrings 29,850.00
Bobbie Ear Crawlers 24,000.00
Circle Pendant 18,000.00
Convertible Cuff Ring Pendant 20,300.0026,300.00
Curved Arrow Earrings 14,500.00
Curved Arrow Ring 11,800.0013,800.00
Diamond Assembly Ring 23,500.0029,500.00
Diamond Baguette Ring 23,500.0027,500.00
Diamond Block Letter Bracelet 18,000.0043,500.00
Diamond Block Letter Necklace 20,000.0045,500.00
Diamond Circuit Ring 17,800.0020,800.00
Diamond Curved Arrow Earrings 35,000.00
Diamond Curved Arrow Ring 18,000.0020,000.00
Diamond Dipped Disc Pendant 18,500.00
Diamond Dipped Disc Ring 24,000.0026,000.00
Diamond Dipped Disc Studs 29,000.00
Diamond Pop Pendant 28,000.00
Double Prism Pendant 42,500.00
Harper Ear Sliders 37,500.00
Open Circle Earrings with Floating Stones 25,000.0033,000.00
Pearl Coronet Earrings 34,800.00