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Introducing BARE – a celebration of uncomplicated and finding beauty in basics. In an era that is increasingly drawn to extravagance, this collection pays homage to the purity of minimalism as a philosophy, a mindset, and a style of living. The foundational pieces in this collection are meant to constantly grow and evolve with you from your morning moods to your midnight grooves. Designed to be more than just a style statement, BARE is about embracing the power-of-simplicity ethos, a lifestyle that values the elegance of subtlety and the depth of functionality, and a style narrative as profound as it is pared down.

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Classic Round Hoops 19,000.0028,000.00
Ear Lobe Cuff Earrings 17,000.00
Hump Bangle 76,800.00
Hump Bangle with Scattered Diamonds 82,000.00
Ultra Fine Bangle 43,500.00
Ultra Fine Choker 47,000.00
Ultra Fine Hoops 40,000.00
Ultra Fine Ring 7,000.009,000.00