Little black dress, crisp white top, perfectly fit jeans – these are wear-every-day pieces we happily invest in and keep in our closets! But how about jewelry? With the belief that quality triumphs over quantity, we’ve rounded up our own list of staples that could complete any look and stand the test of time.

  1. Studs: The best earrings are ones you don’t have to worry about. You even tend to forget that you’re wearing them! A pair of small, luminous diamond studs can add just the right amount of sparkle. This is the epitome of understated elegance.DIAMOND ORB STUDS
  2. Hoops: Straight out of the ‘90s, they’re a go-to piece that instantly screams out fun. Whether you opt for a playfully oversized pair or prefer an effortless huggie style, they are sure to bring a certain attitude and attention to any look. A pair of gold hoops ensures that even on a jeans-and-tee day, you’ll feel polished!LUNAR HOOPS
  3. Pearls: There’s something eternally chic about pearls. Now, they’re as edgy and cool as they are classic and demure. Pearls are being redefined as you can totally take a more laid-back approach with them. It’s no longer all about your grandmother’s classic pieces. Try something a little more exciting such as our Pearl Coronet Ring wherein seed pearls are used as centrepiece of a dainty pavé diamond ring.PEARL CORONET RING
  4. Second-skin Necklace: It’s the delicate chain you wear day in, day out. Worn alone it can be opulent; layered up in a mismatched way it’s a tad boho-chic. It is the perfect base, giving you the option to add your favorite pendants. However you style it, a gold chain is a jewelery box essential.CROSS CHAIN
  5. Everyday Ring: A thin, gold band can add that touch of sliver you need without wearing a bracelet or even studs! Whatever the case, choose a ring you’ll feel comfortable wearing in any situation. Ideally, pick a ring you’d never want to take off! This is simply a solid choice for every occasion, transition, or personal achievement.DIAMOND BAGUETTE STACKABLE RING
  6. Statement Ring: Daring and dazzling, this is almost always a conversation piece. It can be the main attraction, or just one of the guests at your finger party. You don’t need words or actions to express yourself because a ring could do that just for you.PHOENIX RING
  7. Convertible Piece: A transformable piece is the perfect accessory for a busy lifestyle! Purchase a single piece and wear it in 2 ways in different days, such as this Convertible Cuff Ring Pendant. Wear this open-shanked cuff as a ring or knot it on a chain to shift to a pendant!CONVERTIBLE CUFF RING-PENDANT
  8. Are you more classic, or do you prefer something that’s quite experimental? It’s entirely up to you! Whether it be a customized signet pinky ring, a cocktail ring, or an ear cuff, you decide! Pick a stone according to your first name, partner’s name, cat’s name – whatever nomenclature makes your heart sing! Make sure you have at least one staple piece in your jewelry box that is your go-to, signature look.

These are the finishing touches that you’ll want to wear until they’ve become your signature! Create a look that’s uniquely YOU.

Xx, Suki