Horizontal Bar Necklace

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A 14-karat solid gold rectangular pendant makes a clean, minimalist statement at the center of this delicate necklace chain. Not only does it quickly cement as a timeless relic that can be worn with everything, it also serves as a standout conversational item. Bring your creativity to life and make your piece truly unique! Mix and match different letters to represent you and your loved ones’ initials or engrave a message that will serve as your everyday encouragement.

Made-to-Order  (processing time – 8 to 14 business days; additional 2 business days if with engraving)

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  • Made in 14kt solid gold
  • Available in yellow, white and rose gold
  • Engraving Font: Arial (all caps)
  • Character Limit: 10
  • Engraving Position: at center of the bar

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