Float Barely There Necklace

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Like glittering light that forms from the ripples of the water… You won’t even feel that it’s there. Floats on your skin ‘cos it’s barely there!

Barely There Choker Necklace — This 14-karat gold 12 and ½ inch choker necklace wraps tightly around the neck and is perfect for the most classic of tastes. This classic gold chain is meant to be worn high on the neck, whether on its own or layered with a few other delicate pieces. A choker achieves a fashion-forward look that doesn’t feel overbearing.

Barely There Collar Necklace — This 14-karat gold 14-inch collar necklace is nestled right in the hollow of the neck, taking over the place of a shirt’s collar. It is a sweet, subtle accent to any outfit. Look effortlessly elegant in the collar necklace with a white T-shirt or ramp up the glamour factor with a deep neckline.

Barely There Petite Necklace — Designed to sit below the collarbone, this 14-karat gold 16-inch petite necklace is the perfect base, giving you the option to add your favorite pendants. It is an extremely versatile piece that works with a variety of necklines.

Barely There Regular Necklace — This 14-karat gold 18-inch regular necklace is thought to be the most universal and flattering length. Deemed to be the best length for supporting a pendant for many, it looks fantastic with any low, open neckline or strapless top.

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14-karat chain in yellow gold

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