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Industrial Luxe

The Industrial Luxe Collection is all about playing out the paradox: A dynamic interplay of geometry and texture; a marriage of delicate and tough comes to life in the Industrial Luxe Collection. This collection works out lines and angles to create opulent textures yet at the same time maintains a sleek and sultry vibe. The challenge behind in designing every piece is on how to mix all elements together, injecting accents and curvilinear designs, without making the entire collection look disjointed.

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Addison Ear Huggies 38,000.00
Addison Ring 28,000.0032,000.00
Blaine Drop Earrings 58,500.00
Bobbie Ear Crawlers 19,800.00
Brooklyn Drop Earrings 70,000.00
Connor Earrings 32,800.00
Harper Ear Sliders 27,500.00
Leighton Ear Studs 39,900.00
Phoenix Ear Climbers 48,990.00
Phoenix Ring 35,000.0041,000.00